Jean-Charles ROLLIER

He was born in Geneva and grew up in Haute-Savoie. He studied surgery in Lyon.

Soon, he specialized in hip and knee surgery, along with the surgeons of the Artro Group.

He starts his activity in the Argonay clinic with Dr. Jacquot in 2007 and joins the Artro Group in 2008.

Being attracted to sport practice, he is interested in the improvement of functional outcomes and in the possibility of practicing sports after an arthroplasty.

Therefore, rapid recovery protocols are developed in the Argonay clinic that facilitate functional recovery and shorten the length of hospital stays. He also performs conservative revision surgery and uses hydroxyapatite in the delicate revision cases.

He shares his experience through regular trips in different regions of the world (Asia, Middle-East, and Europe).

28-29 Juin. 2018

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