28 Feb, 2018

Lyon Surgical Visitation with Tarik Ait si Selmi and Michel Bonin 16-28 June 2012

David Shepherd FRACS (Ortho) MBBS BSc (Hons)
Disclaimer: My visitation and course were funded by Depuy Australia.

I undertook the Corail course in Annecy in June 2012. I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Melbourne
Australia, and completed my FRACS (Ortho) in 2011.

The course had a diverse expert international faculty. Topics presented by the ARTRO group members covered the design and philosophy of the Corail stem and specific topics such as HA histology, radiology long term follow up, clinical cases, and the use in the revision and difficult case setting.

These lectures were very beneficial for me as a surgeon who uses the Corail stem, as it covered a
thorough scientific basis to back up clinical results, and a thorough basis to justify the clinical decision to use the Corail stem.
The course also provided lectures on general hip arthroplasty topics, including bearing surface science, surgical approaches and acetabular cup placement philosophies from experienced hip arthroplasty surgeons from an international faculty. Furthermore it provided me with some key take
home points, such as; the use of collars on a Corail, TAL alignment, femoral reaming for narrow femoral canals, and appropriate global offset restoration.


The course was extremely well organised, and ran efficiently and kept me stimulated throughout.
The conference location itself was absolutely idyllic, and provided me the opportunity to explore the town of Annecy and the beautiful lake and surrounds.

Following this course I undertook a 2 week visitation at the Centre Orthopédique Santy and the Jean Mermoz Hospital in Lyon with Tarik Ait si Selmi and Michel Bonin.

I thoroughly enjoyed this visitation, as Tarik and Michel made me feel very welcome in their clinic and operating theatres. It certainly was a privilege and a rewarding experience for me surgically, to see the efficient system that Tarik and Michel have for their Arthroplasty theatre lists, to assist in operations and pick up tips from their surgical technique.

Specifically, I personally gained experience in the use of the Dual Mobility cup, Posterior approach tips, TAL alignment, Collared stem use, and Templating for the Corail.

In the clinics I was able to discuss routine and interesting clinical cases.

I found the clinical experience in Lyon very rewarding and appreciated the discussions I had with Tarik and Michel on arthroplasty design principles, outcomes and future directions.
Lyon itself is a fantastic city, and the accommodation I had adjacent the Parc de la Tête d’Or was very comfortable. With my spare time I was able to enjoy exploring the old town of Lyon, and indulge at the excellent restaurants of Lyon.

I would thoroughly recommend this visitation following the Corail course, as a good way of
supplementing the topics at the course and also for a good surgical experience, and to be involved first hand with members of the ARTRO group, and thereby strengthen one’s surgical repertoire.