Excellence within the Institute refers to the requirement of a clinical follow-up of the patients who underwent a surgery by the members of the group in the form of an ARTRO Register. This element is a basis for monitoring undesirable events, more particularly when new technologies are involved. This completeness requirement is a safety guarantee since it concerns more than 1.000 new patients per year within the ARTRO INSTITUTE and more than 120.000 patients in the world.

Excellence also refers to the requirement of publication and scientific studies communication at an international level.

Thus, ARTRO INSTITUTE intends to produce, support and facilitate the dissemination of research or publications on the subject of hip arthroplasty. Chosen fields are published by the Institute, the first ones being: biological fixation, hydroxy-apatite coating, press-fit principle, anatomy restoration, dual mobility acetabular cups. These excellence focuses are updated according to the research orientations defined by the Scientific Committee of the Institute. This support is meant to be scientific, technical and also financial.

Les moyens de soutien sont de plusieurs natures:

  • Intellectual, in the form of expert advice concerning the modalities of study projects, their relevance, the sharing of competence network…
  • Technical, with the providing of technological advice or support from consulting engineers of the Institute.
  • Financial, such as the ARTRO INSTITUTE AWARD that is about to be created with a prize for a unique work.


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