Sharing their expertise is probably among the best of what the members of ARTRO INSTITUTE offer.

The way to benefit from this experience and this professional advice from experts is twofold :

The sharing of experience consists of a clinical cases databank that is made available: these Expert Cases are particular because they are exemplary, rare or complex, and they are actual clinical experiences. They are presented in a formalised way, stating the specific traps and the caution to be used during the surgery or the surgical outcomes. They are classified in three categories : Diagnosis, Primary and Revision and they are listed according to their level of difficulty (Basic or Advanced). Expert Cases are anonymous and freely accessible. Additional questions or comments can be sent to ARTRO INSTITUTE about them.

Expert Opinion is made available for surgeons who wish to ask for specific advice regarding a case which poses an indication problem, a particular technical or strategic difficulty. A canvas is submitted to the surgeon who, after completing a simple questionnaire and posting one or several iconographies, will receive a report from a College of Experts. This expertise is not disclosed on line but it is sent only to the surgeon who asked for it.
NB : ARTRO INSTITUTE provides opinions regarding surgical matters. Cases involving equipment failures must be reported to the relevant authorities and technical questions must directed to the manufacturer.


28-29 Juin. 2018

learning Centre

60 chirurgiens participants. The Corail PINNACLE learningCentre is designed for experienced THA surgerons ... En savoir plus