Excellence, Exchange and Expertise


The main mission of ARTRO INSTITUTE is to promote the sharing of knowledge in the field of hip surgery.

Learning the surgery is not limited to mastering a surgical instrument, an approach or a stem from a brochure or from the visit of a representative. On the contrary, it is the result of a singular companionship that enables one to gradually master all of the many elements that are part of the patient’s care, from the first consultation, the indication, the information, the surgical procedure including the way to deal with a potential complication.

The surgical act remains essential, of course, and it requires that one should master the numerous details that vary according to the prosthetic device that is used. Each stem matches a philosophy, a specific approach, a very precise technique that one can master with the advice of an experienced surgeon. Thus, ARTRO INSTITUTE provides hip surgeons with different training tools such as courses, visitation centres, fellowships, cases presentation or on line expertise…

The second aim of ARTRO INSTITUTE is the promotion of clinical and technological research, which is also part of education. Therefore ARTRO INSTITUTE hosts and manages the clinical database of its members; it organises and finances different research projects, or offers to fund and support research projects that are deemed interesting.


ARTRO INSTITUTE was born from a reflection focused on research, education, scientific exchanges
and clinical advice in the area of hip prosthetic surgery.

These focuses can be summed up in three elements that define the values of ARTRO INSTITUTE, which are :

  • Excellence in the area of clinical and technological research
  • Exchange and transmission of knowledge
  • Expertise in the surgical treatment of hip pathology