One week road in China from november 12 to november 18, 2016

28 Feb, 2018

Dr. Tarik Ait Si Selmi went on a road set up by Artro Institute in conjunction with Depuy-Synthes in different cities of Northern China: Urumqui, Shenyang, Huainan, Beijing.


Flight Lyon-Amsterdam-Beijing-Urumqui

Monday : Urumqui

  • 2.3 million inhabitants
  • Large hospital with a team of more than 20 surgeons
  • THA and TKA
  • Writings in Chinese and Uighur Arabic


Tuesday : Shenyang

  • 5 million inhabitants
  • Orthopaedic hospital with more than 1000 beds
  • 186 orthopaedic surgeons
  • 30 surgeons specialised in hip and knee
  • 1000 THA and 400 TKA

Wednesday : Huainan

Flight from Shenyang to Nanjing, then a 3 hours’ drive

  • 2.3 million inhabitants
  • Flight for the COA Congress in Beijing
  • Dinner with Pr. Yixin Zhou
  • Meeting with IJCSR including S. Lustig

Thursday and Friday: Congress of the Chinese Orthopaedics Association in Beijing

Thursday :

  • Visit of cultural museums
  • Lunch with former fellows
  • Participation in the Arthroplasty II conference, dual mobility concept
  • Dinner with the surgeons

Friday :

  • Visit of the COA Congress
  • Meeting with the Depuy and Serf teams
  • Lunch with surgeons including Pr Li from Chengdu, Alex and Sandy
  • Discussions about the next meeting in Shanghai in April-May 2017
  • Transfer in the city to the 798 Art Zone
  • Corail dinner. Corail revision conference

End of the roadshow

Special thanks to Ada and Andrea and overal Depuy team for their support along that journey across China!