Artro Institute

After 30 years of success focused on a flagship stem, the Corail hip prosthesis that has become a reference among cementless stems and which more than two million patients have benefited from so far in the world, younger members have joined the founding group, and the association has grown from 7 to 14 members
(Artronauts). The purpose of the group is to continue this real Odyssey that started from the old continent, to transfer the experience into new territories and to support the useful evolutions while ensuring that the original characteristics are maintained, without indulging in passing trends that only follow market considerations.

But the success of a surgery doesn’t come down to the use of quality material, far from it. The surgical technique, the technical advice, the indications, among others, are key elements for the patient’s well-being and the long term success of the hip replacement. The international development of this prosthetic device and its unparalleled success, more particularly in emerging countries, generates considerable efforts in the field of knowledge and know-how transmission, so that its acknowledged results can be reproduced by anyone.


Analysis of the outcome of the Corail stem with 30 years of follow-up, with a survival rate of 96.3%. It is important to analyse the causes of our failures and the reasons for dissatisfaction of our patients, and to try and achieve the 0 complication goal.



28-29 June. 2018

learning Centre

60 participating surgeons. The Corail PINNACLE learningCentre is designed for experienced THA surgerons ... Learn more