28 Feb, 2018



Our trip began from this nice city in the north east of China. We visited one of the Changchun hospital and met the team of Dr Zuo Jianlin, MD. I presented a lecture around The Hip arthrplasty revision especially focus on femoral revision. I explained to them the advantages of uncemented implants and the role of hydroxy apatite for secondary fixation and proximal bone reconstruction. Then we discussed a lot of revision cases, and I explain them the meaning of « conservative revision ». We finished by a visit of the orthopedic unit. Then we went to the airport to fly to our next city (Zhengzhou). In the evening we met the surgeons of the 3rd hospital of the city, which is dedicated to orthopedic surgery.

Changchun hospital



The second day was very busy. We went to Zhengzou 3rd Hospital for revision hip surgery and lectures. We discussed first the 2 surgical cases we had to perform. The first was the revision of a loose proximal coated stem and the second one was a loose uncemented cup. In the theater, I operated the first with a Corail revision ® and the second with a Pinnacle cup ®. We could share our experience and I have shown them the principle of the Corail revision ® surgical technique, which is not based on distal fixation but global fixation (proximal and distal).In the afternoon, I presented a lecture to show them the principles, bases, and results of the use of Corail revision ®. In the evening we had dinner with the surgeons of the 1st hospital of Zhengzhou.




We went to the 1st city’s Hospital and met the team of Dr. Wang Yisheng. It is one of the biggest hospitals in China with 3000 beds. We discussed many revision cases. They have to operate a lot of difficult cases like cup loosening with pelvic discontinuity or 3rd rank revisions. We could share our experience. Most of the surgeon of the unit had done fellowships in the US, so the exchange was very interesting. I made a lecture to presente them the interest of a global fixation comparing to a distal fixation in femoral side revision. I showed them, the good proximal reconstruction we can observe with the follow up when using the Corail Revision?. They were also interested in the techniques to remove a well fixed uncemented stem. So I have shown them a movie of the surgical procedure. Then I went to the theater to help and give some advices to the surgeons performing a total knee replacement. In the afternoon we went to the airport to take a plane to Shanghai.



We visited Shanghai Zhongshan hospital and we met the Professor Zhenjun Yao ‘s Team. I was warmly welcomed, by surgeons who had already been to France for Corail. ® course or Fellowship with our team. I presented to them the philosophy of «  conservative revision » with Corail ® system and the surgical technique to remove a well fixed uncemented stem. We had an interesting discussion around different choices in revision and the role of a collar in revision. Then we visited and had lunch in shanghai and left this wonderfull city to our next destination Zhenjiang. We had dinner with Dr Qi Wei and visited the historic city.



We visited the Military hospital of Dr Qi Wei. I performed a primary surgery with Corail ® and Duraloc ® to treat an arthritis with many osteophytes and a dysplastic acetabulum. We could share our experience, and I gave him some tip an tricks concerning Corail ® surgical technique and what to be carefull with. I also made a lecture about revision and difficult cases. During lunch, we tasted the famous noodle of this province. In the afternoon we visited the golden park  and went to Hanghzou.



We went to this city for a symposium dedicated to Corail ® 30 years anniversary. I met my French and European collegues : Dr J.P Vidalain, Dr S. Young and Pr I. Learmonth. This first day was dedicated to revision surgery and we made lectures and discussions with 30 chinese surgeons. We saw very nice cases of challenging revisions. We explain the limites of Corail Revision ® stem, which must be reserved to Garde I, II and IIIA of paprosky classification.

The Dinner was a celebration of the Corail® Birthday. We could discuss and share a pleasant time with surgeons. It was for me, very nice to see some surgeons again.



This day was dedicate to primary surgery and complexe cases. We made lectures around the advantages of collared Corail® and  J.P VIdalain presented the corail® results and history . He explained also why a Corail® copy can not be considered as an original Corail®. The Chinese surgeons shown us some difficult and interesting cases, and exposed some of their surgical difficulties. After a busy day, we went to the airport to flight back home.